Monday, March 22, 2010

"Sayid", for the win!!!!

So, my date with Chicago Sayid was amazing. A little awkward at all dates go, I guess. But we quickly loosened up and had a great time. We just got some dinner and bar hopped til 4am. Lots of kissing and hand holding ensued. Definitely felt that connection, chemistry and *spark* that had been missing with all my other dates. We talked all weekend while I was stuck at work and are going out again tonight, which I'm super looking forward to.
I'm actually going on one more match date tomorrow, though part of me doesn't want to go on but the other part does, out of curiosity. He's the cardiology resident and you know me, I l o v e it when guys are in the medical field. I did, however, just cancel my match subscription.
I'll fill you in on my last match date tomorrow, but from here on out, I'm keeping Chicago Sayid to myself!!


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