Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Snap!

I rejoined match!! Ahh!! It's like my yearly tradition.. every January, it's like I need something to entertain after all the holiday hoopla is over.

I've already gone on one date last week.. and was actually pleasantly surprised! I gotta say, even though I wasn't that optimistic about the date (mainly b/c he lives in the burbs and is 7 years older than me), he kinda blew my socks off. :) And the more I think about it, he's got the majority of things on my "I want" list. The chemistry was there.. let's just he's definitely got me thinking about him, so that should say something! I think date #2 will happen soon.. I'm playing it cool, he's gotta come chase me! Lord knows how much you guys love - and need!- that.

I've been emailing another guy as well who I had been considering my #1 guy (until my date last week.. now my ranked order is a little shaken up) and our email convos have rocked! We just rambled on like Chatty Cathys. But that doesn't necessarily say much. Last year, I had awesome emailing, texting and phone convos with this one guy who, when we finally met in person, turned out to be way too effeminate for me (ordering salad dressing on the side?? Hell no.) so I can't let myself get too excited about that yet.. gotta see how things are in person. Hopefully a date with him happens soon as well.

A co-worker is trying to set me up with a boy she knows as well. LOL. We'll see if anything comes out of that!

When it rains, it pours!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Hello, 2011!!

And hello, dearly missed blog... I've neglected you worse than ever lately, so sorry. I'll try to not let that happen again!
Well, I suppose I should start with an update.. let's see, I went on that date with the cardiology resident. It was actually surprising enjoyable, and we went out again, though at this moment, I can't remember what we did. I do remember another date where I went to his house to watch a movie and we had a very VERY awkward make-out session a la junior high on his couch.. I literally kept stealing glances at my watch. Any chemistry that might have been there.... *poof*, gone. On to the next...

I actually dated Chicago Sayid for about a month. Stellar guy. Had a lot of fun with him.. but, the same attraction/chemistry monster sucked the life out of this one too... I won't even discuss the Incident on here. You don't want to know about it... Chicago Sayid didn't take the "breaking up" lightly, either.. oof, that was rough. Poor guy. :(

My summer was far too busy working overtime, going to White Sox games and vacationing to really meet anyone or date at all. Labor Day weekend, however, changed all that:

boy #1 - My dear co-workers/friends happened to run into this adorable boy while out and about one night and were so fond of him that they insisted to set him up with me. Ended up going out with him and he was definitely as adorable in person as he was in the late-night texted picture that my friends sent me. I had a good time.. and after he walked me to my car, hugged and kissed me goodnight and repeatedly said how much fun he had and how we should do this again, I figured he had a good time too. Never. Heard. From. Him. Again. LOL.. why do boys DO that???

boy #2 - went to Lake Geneva for labor day weekend for a bachelorette party. While out in downtown LG one night, the room literally stood still and I swear to you, I heard "Dream Weaver" playing as this tall, dark and handsomely delicious man dressed in plaid walked onto the dance floor. I died. One of my crazy friends ended up dragging him over to meet me, not once but twice and that did the trick.. he got my # and we texted the rest of the wknd. Ended up meeting up for drinks and had a blast. Went on two more dates after that.. and even though we originally had great chemistry, that seemed to fizzle.. and he became more and more flighty and wishy-washy. Apparently tall hot plaid did not want to be seriously dating. Laterrrrr......

boy #3 - this was my sister's attempt now at matchmaking. Went on total blind date with a boy on her bf's rugby team that her and her bf just raved about. We met for coffee on a sunday afternoon and he apparently had a bender saturday night and was a little out of it that day (don't do that before a date!.) Super nice guy..but unfortunately, felt zero chemistry.

Then things kind of stalled after that... until recently, where I thought flirting with an out-of-stater and asking him to come here for NYE seemed like a good idea. (It wasn't and he didn't. crash and burn. it wasn't the first time this happened with him.. but it most certainly will be the last.) I also was last-minute match-made with a boy at aforementioned NYE fiesta.. was very funny and cool at first, then out came the Fran Drescher-esque laugh. I hate to think I'm that shallow that a laugh would permanently turn me off, but you should of heard this laugh... it's one of those that makes you look at your best friend and communicate a "omg, do you HEAR that?" look with your eyes. Which I did.

Part of me doesn't even want to deal with dating at the moment.. have a GI issue that has plagued me since beginning of the summer that I need to get in check (really not a sexy thing to explain to a potential suitor) and should really just focus on that.. but I'm ever the hopeless romantic who remains optimistic that one day, just one day... I'll bump into HIM and be blown away.

Here's hoping that happens.. :) I'm ready for 2011! Hoping it's MY year this time..

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Sayid", for the win!!!!

So, my date with Chicago Sayid was amazing. A little awkward at first..lol...as all dates go, I guess. But we quickly loosened up and had a great time. We just got some dinner and bar hopped til 4am. Lots of kissing and hand holding ensued. Definitely felt that connection, chemistry and *spark* that had been missing with all my other dates. We talked all weekend while I was stuck at work and are going out again tonight, which I'm super looking forward to.
I'm actually going on one more match date tomorrow, though part of me doesn't want to go on but the other part does, out of curiosity. He's the cardiology resident and you know me, I l o v e it when guys are in the medical field. I did, however, just cancel my match subscription.
I'll fill you in on my last match date tomorrow, but from here on out, I'm keeping Chicago Sayid to myself!!


Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost.. and Found.

So let me clarify my last post! I was out for St Patty's Day celebrations at Duffy's, starting bright and early at 930am and the last thing I ever thought would happen is meeting a guy, being that it is one of the most intoxicated days of the year. But.. it happened! I spotted this guy's shirt and had to go read it.. something about Chuck Norris and, though I can't tell you what it said, I remember that it was hilarious. So, I spent a good chunk of time talking to this guy and loved him! He was cute, tall, buff, funny and basically mad cool. We exchanged numbers b/c he was leaving to go to another bar and we were hoping to meet up later. Sadly enough, that didn't happen, but we stayed in touch, texting all day. Before going to bed last night, he had texted me asking me if I would go on a date with him and I wrote back "definitely!" This morning when I woke up, I was planning on texting him to see how he was feeling, b/c he was out just as long as I was, if not longer! (I got home at maybe 10pm? Loooong day.) and saw that he had already texted me asking I was feeling! The boy was in my head! And we continued texting all day.. and are now facebook friends..lol... and are going out sometime this week! The reason I called him Chicago Sayid is b/c he looks just like Sayid (from Lost.. minus the flowing curly locks.. this guy shaves his head) but even better and had that same air of sexiness about him that I feel Sayid has. I usually only go for the white boys, but this guy... mmm... I'm hooked. And I CANNOT wait for our date.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


I just met Chicago Sayid today, one of the craziest days of the year to be out, and he was awesome. Just asked me if I wanted to go on a date too...LOL. HELL YES!!

All the other boys can suck it!


Ok, so I gave Twink another shot last night...despite the gay-ish stuff he was doing last week, I really do get along with him, so I felt I owed him a second chance. He picked me up and we went to Lucky Strike for a night of dinner, pool and bowling. I was dreading it, actually...lol.. but I ended up having a great time. Things he did that did not help the gay arguement, however: 1) Ordered a salad, with dressing ON THE SIDE. Not even I pull that crap. Ever. 2) Told me he lives with a roommate.. a female one. 3) Told me his female roommate and him host "Girls Night" (his own words!) once a month where their mutual girl friends come over and they watch Grey's Anatomy. 4) Hugged me goodnight, again.. not even a hint of a possible going-in-for-goodnight-kiss.
I was really pulling for him... but alas.. can't take the femme outta him, I guess. He's super sweet and nice, and he people-watched and judged/made fun of all the ghetto people that were out that night with me, though, I definitely loved that. I think we're just on the path to being besties.. b/c I definitely don't think I'm feeling that "spark" for him.
I'm emailing a bunch of dudes, though, so there should be more date stories in store. Stay tuned! and Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's 8:30am on Saturday and I'm getting ready to go out already! God, I love this holiday!

Monday, March 8, 2010


So I had another date last Friday. I was so excited about this one, b/c our email and phone conversations were really great and I felt like he got me and I got him. He was part-Italian, a dog owner, seemed like an all-around cool guy. But I was also nervous, b/c everything seemed too good to be true so far, so I was scared that once we met in person, it would be disastrous. Well, right off the bat, he seemed skinnier and shorter than I was expecting, but didn't let that bother me. So, we just went to a bar near my house and had drinks and, though the conversation started off slow, by the end of the date, we were having a great time. He definitely is entertaining and witty but he was also... very... um.... gay. Well, just his tone of voice and his hand gestures were. He reminded me totally of one of my gay guy friends who has the same tone of voice and same hand gestures. That's not good.. lol. He just asked me if I wanted to hang out again this week.. I feel like I should, to really know if I had handle the "gayness" or not.

In other news, I was watching Life in Ruins the other day and one of the characters said something to the main character about how she wasn't giving this one guy a chance that really resonated in me: "You're only seeing the obstacles, you're not seeing the magic." I'm hoping that I'm not tripping myself up b/c I'm only noticing one thing wrong with these guys (extreme religiousness of guy #1, shortness in guy #2, gayness in guy #3) instead of embracing any connection we have. Ugh. Why can't this be easier!!