Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lost.. and Found.

So let me clarify my last post! I was out for St Patty's Day celebrations at Duffy's, starting bright and early at 930am and the last thing I ever thought would happen is meeting a guy, being that it is one of the most intoxicated days of the year. But.. it happened! I spotted this guy's shirt and had to go read it.. something about Chuck Norris and, though I can't tell you what it said, I remember that it was hilarious. So, I spent a good chunk of time talking to this guy and loved him! He was cute, tall, buff, funny and basically mad cool. We exchanged numbers b/c he was leaving to go to another bar and we were hoping to meet up later. Sadly enough, that didn't happen, but we stayed in touch, texting all day. Before going to bed last night, he had texted me asking me if I would go on a date with him and I wrote back "definitely!" This morning when I woke up, I was planning on texting him to see how he was feeling, b/c he was out just as long as I was, if not longer! (I got home at maybe 10pm? Loooong day.) and saw that he had already texted me asking I was feeling! The boy was in my head! And we continued texting all day.. and are now facebook and are going out sometime this week! The reason I called him Chicago Sayid is b/c he looks just like Sayid (from Lost.. minus the flowing curly locks.. this guy shaves his head) but even better and had that same air of sexiness about him that I feel Sayid has. I usually only go for the white boys, but this guy... mmm... I'm hooked. And I CANNOT wait for our date.

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