Monday, March 23, 2009


Sooo, apparently I have a faulty cell phone to blame for last Friday's downward spiral of events. Mr tall, dark and handsome's cell phone, to be exact. Apparently he had been calling and texting me all night but I received zero calls or texts.. and my phone definitely wasn't bunk, b/c I was sending and receiving texts from other people just fine. I did receive all his texts all at once at 2am. lol. So I don't feel bad about that situation anymore.. we are going to reschedule for sometime this week.
The other boy is still questionable. He did finally text me back hours later - he was tied up at baseball practice. He still hasn't asked me out yet, and I guess I could do the asking out but I'm already the one initiating the texting (I caved and texted him again today) I really have to do the asking out too? Me thinks this boy doesn't like me. I would really love to hang out with him, b/c I had such a blast with him last time and he's totally my type... but you can't force someone to like you back. We'll see...

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tut tut, looks like rain

What up peeps. So, I realize I've been very absent from blogging for quite some time and I don't want you guys to go through the day not knowing what to do with yourselves (I'd like to give a shout out to Amy, this one's for you, I don't want the boredom at work to kill you. :) And I also want to get your boyfriend to stop stalking my dating life. lol)
I guess the reason I haven't updated the blog was because there really wasn't anything super worthwhile to talk about.. and I was trying to figure out if what was happening was something I even wanted to blog about. So recently I reconnected with someone I went to school with a long time ago. We bonded over bad date stories and decided we should meet up for drinks. We had fun, so we met up again.. and this time I realized I was developing a little bit of a crush on my friend...and afterwards, I definitely suspected he was feeling the same way. It was exhilirating to have a crush again and he was definitely someone fun to crush over.. tall, dark, handsome, impossibly sweet and intelligent, knows everything and anything about music which I found incredibly sexy.... Well, we hung out for a third time and it was just a weird night filled with awkward silences, which really bummed me out and seriously bruised my crush on him. And as if that did weren't discouraging enough, we were supposed to have dinner tonight and I have yet to hear back from him.
In other potentally exciting news, my friend's boyfriend has been wanting to set me up with one of his friends literally since the summer. He has had nothing but good things to say about this guy and I've been excited about meeting him. Well, my luck changed and I finally met him last weekend. Although it was a little awkward for me at first to initate conversation, once we started talking, we didn't stop! I even found out his family is from the same small farmtown in Italy that my dad is from (weird!). I had a blast hanging out with him... and was pumped when we exchanged numbers at the end of the night. I was even more thrilled when he texted me the next day, saying how much fun he had and that we definitely need to hang out again soon. Hell yes we do! So I patiently waited for him to call or text me during the week......... yea, um... he definitely didn't. So, even though I was completely going to hang back and chill and wait for him to make the move (Lord knows you guys love the stupid chase), I gave in and texted him today... and I got a big fat nothing back.
I'm striking out here! Are you people happy you have your update now? LOL.
I am kind of emailing some dudes on, which I decided to give another chance, but I dunno.. right now I have a big dark raincloud over my head. It's icky... I'm gonna go to my yoga class and sweat this out. I'm out.