Monday, March 23, 2009


Sooo, apparently I have a faulty cell phone to blame for last Friday's downward spiral of events. Mr tall, dark and handsome's cell phone, to be exact. Apparently he had been calling and texting me all night but I received zero calls or texts.. and my phone definitely wasn't bunk, b/c I was sending and receiving texts from other people just fine. I did receive all his texts all at once at 2am. lol. So I don't feel bad about that situation anymore.. we are going to reschedule for sometime this week.
The other boy is still questionable. He did finally text me back hours later - he was tied up at baseball practice. He still hasn't asked me out yet, and I guess I could do the asking out but I'm already the one initiating the texting (I caved and texted him again today) I really have to do the asking out too? Me thinks this boy doesn't like me. I would really love to hang out with him, b/c I had such a blast with him last time and he's totally my type... but you can't force someone to like you back. We'll see...

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