Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hello, long lost blog!

I know, I know.. I'm a dead beat blogger. There's always something keeping me from updating this on a more consistent basis ( denied at work, too obsessed with facebook when I'm at home.. or the fact that I had this posting typed up and ready to publish and I deleted it all[grrr]) but you gotta take what you can get. :) I haven't really updated it because I guess I felt my love life wasn't super exciting enough currently to blog about. There have been some guys, though, so I'll spill the deets on those:

*Went out on my last related date with Mr Oak Park. OP was cool, cute, drove a fun car, wore Rock & Republics and listened to trance music - perf! We just hung out a wine bar and then went for some drinks elsewhere. We dished about past awful dates and shared stalker stories over some mussels in white wine sauce. He was fun and we got along well, but no major sparks.. so it was no surprise to me that he never called again..nor did I call him. Peace out.

*My friend's boyfriend had been wanting to set me up with his friend for like 9 months before we finally met over St Patrick's Day weekend. We hit it off instantly, find out our dads are from the exact same super duper small town in Italy, had a drunken goodbye kiss in the cab, and exchanged numbers with plans to hang out again. We finally were able to meet for drinks a month later (he coaches high school baseball and was super busy with practice and games) and had a great time again. Drunken goodbye kisses were replaced with a big bear hug goodbye and he said he definitely wanted to hang out again. But every attempt to was thwarted due to his busy schedule. He swore he really did want to see me and he didn't want me to get the impression he was blowing me off. But once I grew extremely tired of waiting around and stopped texting him about hanging out, I never heard from him again. My real estate agent (who gets boy updates whenever we go condo-shop) definitely feels he was dating someone/had a girlfriend. High likely. Peace. Out.

*I had this year and half long crush on one of the residents at work. I had barely ever talked to him, but he looked like someone I had super liked before (Boston Boy, for those who know! lol) so I definitely thought he was cute. He had had a serious girlfriend, but she apparently wasn't around anymore recently (er, I guess she still is in a way - they share custody of their puggle. You heard me.) because my co-workers took it upon themselves to be matchmakers. It worked, we ended up all hanging out together one night at Country Night, he asked me to dinner, got my number and there was some smooching. Date Night went extremely well, we had dinner at my favorite Italian restaurant (Vivo!) and had a good time.. he even met my little sister and my dog afterwards. perhaps was doomed from the start. The topic of religion came up during the date -I've never had a guy ask me what religion I was before!- and it may in part have been because he's Jewish. Now, I found out about this after my friends had already told him I had a crush on him and he had said he was interested in me.. and though I normally stay away from Jewish guys (because, come on, what are the chances you can really marry me? 'Cause this girl ain't the converting type), I still gave Dr Jew a shot. But then I find out he's an observant Jew and keeps Kosher (no pork, shellfish or anything with meat and cheese combined). Um...this is not looking good. I'm a big Italian girl, raised hardcore Catholic, and though I may not be super observant right now, I do ultimately want the big church wedding, to baptize and have First Communion for my kids, etc. If and when I move into my condo, I may even start going to church on Sundays again, since I'll be right down the block from Old St. Pat's. Anyhoo...this ended up fizzling out. Religion was the major factor, at least for me, but at times, I don't think our personalities really meshed well, either. We're still pals, though, so that's really good.

*The last boy is more of a potential boy.. nothing major has happened yet. Met him at Country Night, which was a bit awkward because Dr Jew was there as well that night! lol. I didn't think anything of this guy, who's friends with one the doc's at work, when he came in. We chatted a little bit, only because he looked out of place - he didn't really know anyone besides his friend he came with and turns out he doesn't really like country music either- and then we had a bubble gum blowing contest. But for some reason, whenever I was just people watching around the room and my eyes would just quickly scan over our table, I always found him looking at me and then found myself just staring back at him. lol. Yup.. we were making eyes at each other. The next day, I dished that I found myself oddly attracted to him.. and come to find out, he was asking about me as well. The only problem is he's 5 1/2 years younger than me. I've barely ever dated younger than me... and if I had, it's like 1 year younger. So, we'll see... it's been like a month since that one night, hopefully I'll see him at next week's Country Night... maybe I'll be a Puma this summer! (Puma is Pre-Cougar for all those living under a rock and don't know.)

In continuation with that, "24" must be my magical number this summer because my dentist was just trying to hook me up w ith a fellow patient of hers.. and when we looked at his chart to see where he lives, we saw he was 24 as well. What the heck! lol.

In addition to all this, I'm thinking that I might be starting to have feelings for one of my guy friends I've know for years and who, for the past year, has been professing his love for me and trying be get us coupled up. He's got a lot of qualities I want in a guy.. but he can be a really big drinker and after dealing with an ex who just drank a little too much, a little too often (and became a dick who fought with me and made me cry weekly), I want to steer clear of heavy drinkers. Who knows...he doesn't even currently live in Chicago and may or may not have a girlfriend right now. lol. I'm still simmering in my thoughts about this.. I'll let you guys know.

So stay tuned... I may be changing my blog to The Puma Diaries. ha.