Saturday, March 13, 2010


Ok, so I gave Twink another shot last night...despite the gay-ish stuff he was doing last week, I really do get along with him, so I felt I owed him a second chance. He picked me up and we went to Lucky Strike for a night of dinner, pool and bowling. I was dreading it, but I ended up having a great time. Things he did that did not help the gay arguement, however: 1) Ordered a salad, with dressing ON THE SIDE. Not even I pull that crap. Ever. 2) Told me he lives with a roommate.. a female one. 3) Told me his female roommate and him host "Girls Night" (his own words!) once a month where their mutual girl friends come over and they watch Grey's Anatomy. 4) Hugged me goodnight, again.. not even a hint of a possible going-in-for-goodnight-kiss.
I was really pulling for him... but alas.. can't take the femme outta him, I guess. He's super sweet and nice, and he people-watched and judged/made fun of all the ghetto people that were out that night with me, though, I definitely loved that. I think we're just on the path to being besties.. b/c I definitely don't think I'm feeling that "spark" for him.
I'm emailing a bunch of dudes, though, so there should be more date stories in store. Stay tuned! and Happy St. Patrick's Day! It's 8:30am on Saturday and I'm getting ready to go out already! God, I love this holiday!

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