Saturday, January 31, 2009

Nacho, pool, lounges and deflation

So I had another match date Friday night. And it actually went *drum roll please*- good! I don't really have anything negative to say about it, surprisingly. We went to a local pool bar, where we both horribly played pool, had a couple beers and bonded over Lost while sharing the best plate of nachos ever. He was cool, outgoing, talkative, funny and normal. It was refreshing. I wasn't blown away by him but I had a great time. Third time's a charm! We moved on to a lounge afterwards for more drinks and laughs. It was all good until I think he had one whiskey soda too many and all of a sudden went into makeout mode and started attacking me. Like I said before, I'm a prude in my old age and am actually okay if I don't even get kissed on a first date. I'd rather have a guy be a gentleman and respect me than be a hot mess who is drunkely all over me. So, it was a little annoying he was all over me but at least he was a good kisser. And he wasn't creepy about it either. We closed down the lounge and on our way back to my car, he starts asking if I'll go home with him, "just to cuddle" because he hasn't cuddled in a long time and misses it. Well, frick, so do I, but that's what overstuffed pillows and your dog are for...don't cry to me about that shit. I dunno who he thought he was talking to, but this girl has been around long enough to hear all the dumb crap guys will say to get a girl to go home with them. Just to cuddle, my ass. He finally accepted his defeat. So, that stuff falls into my mildy bad dating behavior but not a huge deal breaker. I'll probably see him again. The only truely bad part of the date was the flat tire I realized I had as I was trying to drive home. Luckily, the G.C. helped me change it the next morning, making sure I learned how to do it so I can do it myself next time.

Tonight, I had an epiphany and I kinda realized that I've been single for far too long.. and have actually gotten to a point where I've forgotten what it's like to lose control and give in with a guy I'm crazy about and have wild makeout sessions, etc. It's like I'm freaked to let anyone past my outer shell, which has gotten pretty thick. I'm hoping I only feel that way because I haven't met the right guy yet, it's just dormant and meeting the right guy will bring that back out of me. I kinda need the Cupid's arrow effect, where all of a sudden, I'm a smitten kitten about a guy and can't go a second without thinking about himt, getting overly excited if he calls me, etc. I've got several more guys on match I wanna meet, maybe one of them will do this for me.. if not, I may change the title of this blog to "Crazy Dog Lady in the City" and start talking about the latest sweater vest* I crocheted for my dog and the wild dog parties she goes to.

*If you ever see me crocheting dog clothes, slap the yarn and crochet hook out of my hands, break the hook over your knees karate kid-style and punch me repeatedly in the face. Hard.

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