Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diving in the world of

So, I started up on about a week and a half ago. Right away, I get winked at and emailed by this big beefcake guy who was way older than me but really hot, and despite my adversion to big muscleman/beefcake types, I decided to email him back and see what his deal was. Right away, he wants to talk on yahoo messenger. Alright, whatever... so we chat. And all we really talked about was how match was going and how I looked kissable in my pictures and he'd have to test that out. How charming. Then... he asks me if I can help him test something out on his computer. Oook.. sure. I end up with an invitation to view his webcam. Are you kidding me right now? So I accept but immediately feel awkward about it and want to flee from my computer. I just think it's so stupid and cheesy to be watching someone as they are staring and laughing at their computer screen. Then he starts joking that the strip show is coming later and I thought to myself "you may joke now, but you're dead serious, aren't you." After some more mindless chatter, he asks if I want "a peep" and proceeds to take his sweatshirt off. OMG. All I wanted to do was tell him how utterly lame I thought webcams were but before I could type that out, his takes his tshirt off too! I demand he put his clothes back on. -50 points, pal. Over the next couple of days, he sends me messages asking if I miss him (um, no, not at all actually) and when we talked on the phone once, all he had to say to me was "You sound hot." Boy, he just swept me off my feet.. no wonder he was single. He just texted me yesterday, after my not calling him back or replying to texts for a week, asking "hey, just wondering if I should delete your number." Yes, yes you may. Please delete it as fast as your little beefcake fingers allow.

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  1. Woah, woah, woah. is DEF not the place for this guy. Maybe some sort of Dateline special is more his speed... But I love the stories anyways!