Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bitter is the new Black?

I need to stop laughing long enough to blog about this text message I just got.

Ok... I think I've composed myself enough. So, everyone remembers creepy date #2, right? I'll refresh your memory: 33 year old, just moved to Schaumburg, decent looking guy, our date started off good but took a nose dive pretty early on and continued to suck until I all but ran outta there later? He also: gave me a creepy back rub, would not stop molesting my thigh, kept leaning all over me, kept violating my personal space by trying to kiss/make out with me, kept flirting with the bartender, wanting to take her vegetarian ass out for freaking omelettes, kept staring at girls walking past our table, bet me that if I didn't answer his trivia question, I'd have to make out with him, telling me that along with he was also on and the best of it all-kept repeatedly asking me to go home with him.. to SCHAUMBURG. Yech. I get the heeby jeebies just thinking about this date......

Well, anyways.. He's been non-stop texting me, stupid stuff like "are you not interested" and "what are you doing tonight" and "are you not interested" and "did you not have fun on our date" and "are you not interested", etc. As if the barage of stalker texts wasn't enough, he even called me once. I have not made any attempt at returning any of these calls or texts and I had even flat out told him if I'm not interested in a guy, I just will not return any of his messages. After 2 unanswered text messages after a date, I'm sorry, you gotta swallow your pride and bow out gracefully. So anyways, I couldn't have laid it all out any simpler for him, like this a CLEAR sign I'm not interested..... so after seriously 5 texts came and went unanswered, he sends this precious little diddy tonight:

"Ur not all that. U gained weight from your photos sweetheart. That's why I left early."

Bitter much? LOL. So, Creepy McGee, did you think this before or after you pleaded with me to go home with you to Schaumburg. Or repeatedly asked me to go on vacation with you to Arizona for our 5th date. Or do the rest of the creepy things you did all night that made me want to vomit on myself? Are you crying? Awww.. Do you want me to come hold you? Buck up, camper! Shit... I didn't like you, b/c DUH, you were hot creepy mess, and no one blames me one GD bit for not liking you. So why don't you go run to IKEA which is like right next door to your suburban little condo and go buy yourself a nice shag carpet to cry into and spare me the junoir high girl text messages. I mean, it's funny and all, I got a kick out of it, but really, it's just darn pathetic on your part.

I'm gonna go binge on roughly 10,000 calories so I can fake out more guys with my "skinny pictures"...lmao. Stupid....


  1. whether or not he was a creep on the date, you started the childishness by not responding to him with his text messages. it is pretty simple to be an adult and respond to him, 'the date didn't go as planned, i'm sorry this just isn't going to work' or any other number of responses.

    instead you acted like a 30 year old child and thought u were being 'cool'

  2. E, i kinda agree w John here....why not just reply promtly to the message with a "sorry, not interested. Take Care" message. Eliminates all questions, lets him know you got the messages, and most likely would be the last text he sent.

    BUT we all know girls like to have the power and have a little mystery in their lives (along with strining guys along) hahahahahahahahahahaha

    I aint mad at cha tho

  3. Damn...what a little boy. Good thing you didn't waste any more of your precious time responding to him. A guy like that doesn't deserve a response.
    I am still not sold on the whole Match thing...maybe you'll prove me wrong, but certainly not with this guy!
    I guess time will tell!

  4. No love from the boys, geez! lol. All my girls feel me. Well, I guess I'll practice my letting-down-creeps text etiquette in the future. John, you could of made your point without calling me a 30 year old child, though.. and I'm 29, don't call me 30 yet!

    To further respond to that, we've all pulled the "I'm ignoring you b/c I'm not interested" move before. It may not be the best way to handle some situations, but it happens, let's be real. We've also had it pulled on us, so we should know better than to pull it on others. I've been blown off and/or ignored by guys before a good number of times, including guys that I saw more than just once, guys I dated for a couple of months even. It sucked, but you didn't see me sending snarky text messages calling them fat and ugly! I got the hint and moved on with my life b/c I'm not bitter and don't want to waste my time on people who don't want to be with me, so that's what I was hoping this guy would do.
    And I definitely don't ignore guys b/c I'm trying to be 'cool' or have power, I'm not an idiot like that. This guy horrified me to the point where I didn't want to talk to him, plain and simple. In hindsight, I wished I had just texted him back telling him 'sorry, no
    dice' but I probably would of gotten a snotty text back to that as well, seeing how he went for a below-the-belt message so quickly before. That's that. :)