Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Oh Snap!

I rejoined match!! Ahh!! It's like my yearly tradition.. every January, it's like I need something to entertain after all the holiday hoopla is over.

I've already gone on one date last week.. and was actually pleasantly surprised! I gotta say, even though I wasn't that optimistic about the date (mainly b/c he lives in the burbs and is 7 years older than me), he kinda blew my socks off. :) And the more I think about it, he's got the majority of things on my "I want" list. The chemistry was there.. let's just he's definitely got me thinking about him, so that should say something! I think date #2 will happen soon.. I'm playing it cool, he's gotta come chase me! Lord knows how much you guys love - and need!- that.

I've been emailing another guy as well who I had been considering my #1 guy (until my date last week.. now my ranked order is a little shaken up) and our email convos have rocked! We just rambled on like Chatty Cathys. But that doesn't necessarily say much. Last year, I had awesome emailing, texting and phone convos with this one guy who, when we finally met in person, turned out to be way too effeminate for me (ordering salad dressing on the side?? Hell no.) so I can't let myself get too excited about that yet.. gotta see how things are in person. Hopefully a date with him happens soon as well.

A co-worker is trying to set me up with a boy she knows as well. LOL. We'll see if anything comes out of that!

When it rains, it pours!

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